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Committed to making a difference in the lives of slum dwellers

How did Kibera with Love come about? Written by Pauline Palmer

For many years a dear Kenyan friend of mine, Margaret Kimuyu, has been working in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. She has official charity status and operates under the scrutiny of a board of trustees. Initially she felt called to help in a practical way and witness about her Christian faith. She concentrated on the area in the Kibera slum where the socio-economic and spiritual needs seemed most acute. Eventually the work expanded to include provision of food, clothing and health care. 

A few years ago she recognised and began to confront the need for primary schooling in this deeply deprived area. Now there are some 330+ children between the ages of 3 and 14 welcomed daily. Many are orphaned but the parents of others often cannot afford the meager fee to send them to school. We hope this education will enable some of the children to move out of the slums where they had the misfortune to be born. Some of these children have huge academic and creative potential. 

On one of our visits to Kenya we saw Margaret struggling to achieve her goals of running a school and working effectively with families in the neighbourhood. That motivated us to create the charity and raise awareness here. 

Where and what is Kibera?

Kibera is the largest slum in Nairobi and the second largest urban slum in Africa. It is reported that 25% of the population of Nairobi live in 1% of its area in a squalid environment, rife with poverty and related crime, prostitution etc. Unemployment is the norm and children scavenge on rubbish heaps. It truly is a desperate place.

What are the charity’s aims?

To support Margaret’s work in caring for all needs physical, emotional and spiritual irrespective of tribe or religion. The only criterion is to be destitute!

• Relieving poverty and hunger

• Advancing education – recognizing the enormous potential of some

• Preserving and protecting health

• Enabling some to move out of the slums 

A small gift can bring so much joy!

What have we achieved so far?

With your amazing gifts we have been able to grade ground and build classrooms, contribute to the many ongoing costs such as teachers’ salaries and the nourishing daily meal children are provided with. In the slums most families don’t have food and what the children eat at school is in most cases the only food for the day. They now have porridge in the morning break since children were falling asleep after a few hours in class! We have provided better accommodation for many and means by which they can provide for themselves.

Extra life giving food has been supplied to many families. A basic food allowance has been given to those who are helping with outreach. They have reached out to many hundreds some of whom have wanted to know the message of the Christian Gospel which is able to change lives, from despair to hope. Some HIV widows are also other beneficiaries of funds. Children have been taken on a schooltrip, out of the slum for the first time, to visit Kenyan wildlife!

And so much more……

What are our dreams for the future?

• Opening an orphanage somewhere away from Kibera, in a safe environment. 

• Child sponsorship for those who could benefit hugely from secondary   reducation 

• Raise awareness among people I still have contacts with in Nairobi Employ a    health worker to advise on the state of the families

• Provide medication for infections and illnesses that the children frequently  suffer 

• Provide clothes and particularly shoes for those with sore feet who sift through  garbage to find something to eat or something to sell to find money for food and  water

• Help for widows with no income to put food into their children’s tummies

• Understand the totality of problems facing slum dwellers

• Foster material self-reliance for those who can work 

Pauline and Margaret

A message from Margaret in Nairobi. . . 

"Kibera with love has made not only a difference but a BIG impact We are truly grateful for and we say thanks to all who have given to the work. May God bless you all"

A message from Pauline in Marlborough. . . 

"This charity is a channel for others to have the privilege of giving generously of their time and money to help those in need. We are overwhelmed by the support of many. Thank you, on behalf of Kibera, to all who have given with compassion! Thanks go also to local companies in Marlborough for donating.

Could you make a difference in the lives of these dear children, men and women?"

Find out more...

Kiberia with love is is committed to: educating children in the school, helping to improve lives, feeding children with one good meal per day and sharing the Good News of Jesus.

To find out more about the charity, to donate or sponsor a child, please call 01672 515052 or 07867 696814

Or e mail for more details. 

To make a direct payment right now please use the Charity Checkout

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Every penny donated goes entirely to the work on the ground. No travel and admin costs are claimed.

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All photos in these video's were taken by Colin Palmer during Feb 2016 and February 2017.

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